I’m back 😊

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It’s been nearly 8months since last July when i decided to keep this blog private for some reason. Now i guess it’s time for me to start writing back again.. 😉

So many things happen since the past 8months. I’ve started a new life as a full time Master students. It’s challenging actually when u already left student’s life for about 10years 😂. I’m glad that I did it successfully with HER helps. Never come across my mind in getting 4flats for the first semester as Statistic for Research is one of the killer subject for me. But with HER spirit and courage , i manage to hit it. Tq Syg! 😘

“HER”??? .. the one whom always be with me.. through my ups and downs.. thick and thin.. The one yg accept my flaws sincerely.. teman borak.. teman gossip.. teman makan.. teman gaduh.. teman majuk.. teman gi kelas.. teman holiday.. other than that.. she is also the tukang urut, tukang picit jerawat, tukang bebel bila i x buat assignment properly, tukang asyik tanya u nak mkn apa sampai i gain weight *kg! Okey yg tu i stress. Hahahha.

Hence, above all she deserve the best from me. ❤️


Move On

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It’s hard to forget someone that u really love. I guess everyone facing the same probs when a relationship comes to the end.Here are some tips that me myself did except 1 of it. What is it? It’s in the end of the of this articles. 😊

The 4 Stages Of Letting Go Of A Past Relationship, And How To Do It In 3 Months

Why letting go is such a hard thing to learn?

We love hard so we fall hard. We dedicate all our love to someone who was thought to be the one. But it turns out everything just doesn’t happen as we wish.

Since the day you bid farewell to each other, you have been thinking about everything about her: the place where you first met, the movie which you watched a thousand times together, the love song she used to sing to you, or the way how she said she loved you.

But everything is gone.

We can’t let it go. We are insecure. We are afraid. We are losing hope.

We doubt if we are not good enough to make her stay. We are afraid of losing the most important person in our life. We fear that we might not ever be able to fall in love and be loved again.

But still, we have to LET HER GO.

Don’t let one single relationship ruin the rest.

Your world is not limited to only one person. You have your friends, family, and perhaps someone who is going to be madly in love with you. They deserve your love. If you still hold on to someone who would never come back to you, your heart would be always occupied with sadness and you can hardly let anyone else touch your heart.

And the thing about being single is, you should cherish it.

You can only enjoy the time of being alone when you let it go and are not tied up in a relationship with anyone. You have only got one moment to stand on your own. It is the time for you to grow and be independent: to unzip your own dress, to do all the housework on your own, to know more about yourself, and to pursue your dreams.

Letting go is hard.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t. Let’s see how we can get through the hard times day by day, bit by bit .

The first 30 days: it is like the end of the world

It is the craziest part. Every morning, what you do the most often is scrolling your Facebook news feed to see how her new life is. But every time you see her face, your heart aches. And you want to ask her why, but there won’t be any reply…

You may think you’re just like a drug addict and she is the drug your can never quit. .

What you can do to stop yourself from indulging in the obsession:

* Stay away from social media

* Avoid any contact with your ex

* Stop wandering in the places you two visited before

* Spend more time with your family and friends to distract your mind

30-60 days: keep yourself in the spinning wheel

After a month, you tell yourself yourself you can’t be like that anymore. You go into another extreme to force yourself to be strong. You keep convincing yourself life is still fine without her. That’s why your schedule is fully packed every day. Work, meeting your friends, helping your family to fix their every issue… When your loved ones ask how you feel, you put on a big smile and tell them your life goes better.

But the truth is you’re telling lies to yourself. You’re afraid if you have time, you can’t help missing her. Armouring yourself only makes letting go harder for you. Don’t bury yourself in busy schedule. Just accept you still need some time to mend your broken heart.

What you can do to be true to your feelings:

* Write down your feelings in your journal or smartphone

* Leave some space in your schedule for alone time

* Allow yourself to cry when you feel sad

60-90 days: have the energy in store to fly again

Another month has gone, you are tired of pretending to be strong. Whenever you think of her, you still can’t help bursting into tears. You realize how fragile you are and how much you want her back. It is not going to happen. But it is exactly the same time when you begin to learn that you can grow stronger only by accepting what has happened. That’s the stage for you to recharge yourself and move on.

What you can do to gain more positive energy:

* Read positive self-help books

* Do more outdoor activities to get healthy from the inside out

* Appreciate the beauty of every small thing around you

* Rebuild your regular daily routine

90+ days: some pages turned and there were lessons learned

Three months has passed. Everything is getting better. Although sometimes the old good days still sneak into your mind, you begin to accept what is good about this.You become more grateful for everything around you now. A lesson is learned and whatever is going to happen will be exceptionally awesome. All you need to do now is to do things differently.

What you can do to start something new:

* Learn something new (language or any skills such as cooking and painting)

* Expand your social circle and make some new friends

* Challenge yourself to quit a bad habit (waking up late, or being lazy to do workout)

* Travel to a place you haven’t visited before

For every relationship, there are some lessons we can learn from it. Those tiny little things will guide us to become better and better. But don’t rush. Take one step at a time. And you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

**I did all of this except 1. We are still contacting each other everyday since the day she decided to stop the relationship. Maybe for some people it’s ridiculous and it could not help me to forget her. But, as for me I take it positively. I never say bad things about her to others. I always consider about her pride coz she has been someone that i really love previously.Not even once I ‘meroyan’ on fb or ig sampai org pun x tau that I’m not okey at certain period of time. 

( Few Bff yg i trust je yg tau about this and thanks alot to them for helping me getting through this successfully 😊)

It’s been 5months. For whatever that’s gonna happen next, i will always pray for her happiness. I’m now calm and happy with the new chapter of my life. 


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Today suppose to be our first Anniversary .. but.. it doesn’t turn out to be as planned.

We may plan.. but doesn’t mean everything will be as what we wish..

We started as a friend and we end up as a friend.. It’s been 3months since the day that she decided to stop this “relationship”. I respect her decision to remain as a friend like we used to be before we are in a relationship .

Tipu la kalau ckp that time im not sad.. im not down.. only those who are closed with me know how down i am during that period of time.. but i choose not to tell the whole world about this.. i only share with few of my bff coz for me , her pride is still my consideration.. I couldn’t deny that deep inside I’m totally broken into pieces.. Faking smile kills me.. Assuming like nothing happen is also the hardest part of it..It isn’t easy to hide all the tears and only smile shown on my face for the past 3months..

Knowing her for 4years makes me understand her well.. Although we are no longer a partner yet she still contact me everyday without fail. And this “love” will always remain as a “friendship”.


First and Last…

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Still… my FIRST view every morning i woke up and the LAST view every night before i sleep..

**A month from now**

Hi Australia 🇦🇺 

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I noticed that in a week there must be 3-4 times my blog being visited by someone from Australia. Thanks for reading even i dont know   who u are. Do drop some comments if u do read this. Thanks for reading my writing which is nothing compared to others 😊


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Remember our first meet after 2years ? Its also our first movie together. We went for AADC2 movie rite after we had bfast. Its the earliest show in that “scary mall”.. and its only both of us that morning watching the movie coz its working day .

Tonite i watch it again.. I can’t sleep even i am tired actually after having massage this afternoon. I remembered every moments when we watch it together. There’s one part when Cinta said to Rangga

Yang kau lakukan ke aku itu JAHAT”

At that moment u hold my hand tight .. and i can see u are looking direct to my face. Saying its not gonna happen again.. u are not gonna leave me..Btw, this Rangga and Cinta wasn’t contact for 12 years.. we are just 1 year n 2months 😊

Somehow, this the only movie which touched me deep inside when i watch it again. i just loves all the poems.. the dialogues .. its a poetic movie..

By the way actually we watch it late by nearly 15mins . When i watched it again online then only i know actually we are late that day 😂..

13 May 2016.

No Number 9 ???

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Im still in confused..

Im still in shocked..

Im still in depressions..

Im still in uncertainty..

Im still in unbelievable..

I couldn’t express how hurts it is..

I couldn’t think of anything..

I couldn’t even find my ownself..

I couldn’t be the strong me..

I couldn’t stand anymore..

There’s so many things in my mind..

There’s so many thing in my heart..

It’s just that i cant throw it out..

And its killing me ~

If i know ❤️ cloud be this hurt ………….

***NO – Number – 9